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Nuqul Concrete نقل للخرسانة

To grow, develop, and prosper requires ensuring a solid foundation. Inspired by the rapidly growing need for advanced concrete solutions, Nuqul Concrete (part of Nuqul Group) was founded in 1971 on the principles of delivering comprehensive, high-quality products and services. Nuqul Concrete is able to ensure timely delivery to all of its valued customers throughout Jordan by having manufacturing branches strategically located, and with the ability to mobilize to any new location or project site within two weeks’ time.

Nuqul Concrete began with a modest fleet of concrete pumps and transit mixers, growing and evolving over the years into a large-scale operation with abundant resources and cutting-edge technology and equipment. Through its unique, forward-thinking vision, Nuqul Concrete has become one of the most trusted companies in the business.

Nuqul Engineering & Contracting Co NECC, Thalabah Al Amili St 33 Amman, Jordan 11118

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الفنادق و المنتجعات Completed
,مراكز التسوق Completed
المباني التجارية و الشركات Ongoing
البنية التحتية و طرق و جسور Ongoing
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