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Easy-to-apply high-performance deformable cementitious adhesive with extended open time and high wetting capacity for ceramic tiles and stone materials. With very low emission of volatile organic compounds. Particularly recommended for bonding porcelain tiles on large spreads of flooring; applied in layers up to 10 mm thick.


Pot life of mix: more than 8 hours. Open time: 30 mins. Waiting time before grouting: – on walls: 4-6 hours; – on floors: 24 hours. Set to foot traffic: approx. 24 hours. Ready for service: approx. 14 days. Colours: grey and white. Application: N° 4, 5, 6 or 10 notched spreader. EMICODE: EC1 Plus - very low emission. Storage: 12 months. Consumption: 2-5 kg/m². Packaging: 25 kg bags.


Bonding ceramic tiles (porcelain, single-fired, terracotta, double-fired, klinker, etc.)، stone material stable in damp environments, and mosaic on the following types of substrate: • well cured, dry cementitious screeds and screeds made from special binders (such as Topcem and Mapecem); • heated floors; • sound, well cured concrete floors; • cementitious and lime/cement render on internal and external facades; • internal cellular cement block walls treated with (Primer G); • dry gypsum and anhydrite treated with (Primer G); • plasterboard fastened to a rigid support; • waterproofing membranes made from Mapelastic range of products. • Spot-bonding insulating materials such as foam polyurethane, Rockwool, glass fibre wool, polystyrene and cork soundproofing panels, etc. • Overlaying old floors with ceramic tiles, terrazzo and stone material. • Bonding tiles in swimming pools and tanks. • Bonding on façades. • Bonding floors subjected to high stresses and intense traffic.