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Cement-based powder with superior bond strength suitable for all types of tiles and natural stones. Can be used on interior and exterior floor and wall installations of every type of tile and natural stones onto rigid substrates.

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Footings & Skelton


Pot life of mix: over 8 hours. Open time: 20 minutes. Ready for grouting on walls: 4-8 hours Ready for grouting on floors: 24 hours Set to light foot traffic: 24 hours. Ready for use: 14 days. Colour: Grey or White. Storage: 12 months. Packaging: 20 kg bag.

Key Features

Kerabond Plus is available in a grey or white powder composed of cement, fine-graded sand, synthetic resins and special additives according to a formula developed in the MAPEI research laboratories. Mixed with water, Kerabond Plus becomes an easily trowellable adhesive with good bond strength, low slump and a high initial grab allowing it to be applied vertically without any sagging or letting even heavy tiles slip.


Bonding ceramic mosaics on paper or mesh, most types of ceramic tiles (quarry tiles, single fired and klinker tiles) on:

• ordinary concrete slabs or suspended concrete slabs completely cured and stable • conventional renders or cement mortar walls

• gypsum substrates and anhydrite screeds as long as they are dry and treated with a priming coat of Primer G, Eco Prim T or Eco Prim Grip

• spot bonding of insulating materials such as expanded polystyrene, expanded polyurethane, rock and glass wool, wood-cement and sound-deadening panels