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SOUQ BAB AL MADINAH | مشروع سوق باب المدينة

Markets & Shopping

Markets & Shopping

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Situated between the old and new town of Zarqa-Jordan the bab al-madina commercial centerserves as a gateway to the new Zarqa development. We wanted the design to adapt with the architectural language of both towns while still acclaim its status as a landmark. The architectural composition was a result of forces affecting the design from both the surrounding and the project program. The pedestrian spine is at the core of the project. It slices the building into two segments. Each separate mass has an entry point where the façade is inclined towards the angle of pedestrian flow, and the two masses are connected by means of glass and steel bridges. The pedestrian spine opens up to a civic outdoor plaza that is fully integrated with the urban fabric. Given that its located in the new industrial city the façade treatments followed the same color palette of local white stone, and grey precast concrete. The design reaches its aspiration by promoting connectivity and cohesion between the old and new town at large while opening its arms to the public it is meant to serve


الزرقاء - شارع الجيش - بالقرب من مستشفى الامير هاشم بن الحسين العسكري


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