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Al Faiha for Engineering Products الفيحاء للمنتجات الهندسية

Established in 1987, Al-Faiha for Engineering Products (Al-Faiha) is a leader in the construction products and materials industry. With a wide range of products including concrete admixtures, cement additives, concrete repair products and many more, Al-Faiha always delivers quality goods with top-of-the-line customer service.

Concrete Admixtures, Bonding Agents, Cement Grinding Aids, Coatings, Concrete Fibers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Curing Agents, Etching Solutions, Grouts, Microfines, Mortar Admixtures, Decorative Coatings, Release Agents, Pigments, Repair Products, Rust Converters, Anti-Washout Products, Carbon Fiber, Solar Protection, Surface Treatments and Applications, Water Repellants, Waterproofing, Waterstops, Shotcrete Admixtures, Flooring Systems, and Joint Sealants

Suleiman Al-Nabulasi Street, Al Abdali, 5th Floor , Amman, Amman 11191, JO

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