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Acoustical Systems LLC شركة الانظمة الصوتية للمقاولات

Acoustical Systems LLC is a leading noise and Vibration control specialist company providing qualified acoustic engineering services and high quality, noise and vibration control products for virtually any noise problem in architectural, Mechanical, industrial and environmental noise. AS L.L.C. engineers are members of the Jordan Engineer’s and Jordan Contractors Associations, with hands on experience for more than 25 years in the Jordanian and regional markets

From standard off-the-shelf materials to custom-made acoustic panels, acoustic foam cut parts, anti-vibration isolators, acoustic doors, acoustic seals, acoustic diffusers, acoustic ceiling clouds, soundproof flooring systems, soundproof wall systems, soundproof ceiling systems, environmental noise barriers, industrial machine enclosures and specialty products such as bass traps, foams and fabrics for recording studios.

Bldg No.72A Shmeisani , Issam Ajlouni st. Amman, Jordan 11947

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